THE KINDNESS HUB – Open Day 6 March

The Basement Recovery Project invites you to come and celebrate their new welcoming, creative hub where people from all backgrounds and walks of life can meet, socialise and relax.

Doors will be open from 1pm till 3pm on Friday 6th March.  Pop in for a brew, a look around and find out more about our plans.

The Kindness Hub, 36 Rochdale Road, Todmorden, OL14 7LD


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Kindness: Believe there is good in the world

In the wet hills of Yorkshire, the community of Todmorden is at the forefront of a movement that is picking up momentum across a UK disillusioned with corporate business, government and cuts. It is neither hippy nor New Age but is made up of ordinary people, old and young, from both affluent homes and social housing. Call it a sharing revolution. talk about community empowerment, social enterprise, co-operatives (it has various titles) but this asset-based approach leads to local members taking over the infrastructure of their community… read more…