Calm Mind and Strong Body with Tai Chi Tigers

Here at Tai Chi Tigers we have been working on an exciting new video suitable for all levels of health and fitness to help Calm the Mind & give you a Strong Body.


Proven methods…..exercises in this exclusive video show in detail how you can enjoy a Calm Mind and Strong Body. Beginners or experienced practitioners alike – this video is for you.


We have brought together, in a very special way, the principles of Tai Chi & Qigong practices (thousands of years old) to create a new and unique daily practice for everyone from 5 years to 95years young.


The challenges displayed in the video engage with you at whatever level you feel comfortable with, and the complexity can escalate at your own pace.


You will get better balance both physically and mentally, experience more co-ordination, have a greater clarity of thought, feel more content, and have more energy, all with daily practice.


Resulting in being more positive, enjoying tranquility and feeling more confident.


The video demonstrates:


the secret power of breathing 


            muscle stretches for your body and flexibility for your joints 


            2 different ways to feel, and encourage, energy movement around your body


            2 exercises to enjoy a calm mind and strong body, peace and tranquility


            and a Short Form practice session developing balance in both sides of your body and brain.


Almost all of the above can be practiced standing or whilst seated.


Please feel free to pass this on to a friend or those at home particularly during these Covid times when social contact is limited.


Follow this link and enjoy


Living with energy & love


Tai Chi Tigers: