Flu Vaccination messages for our communities in Central

Recent evidence has shown that flu vaccination uptake is not as high amongst members of our BAME community. BAME communities are more significantly impacted by COVID-19 and want to ensure levels of flu vaccination are as high as possible to protect the community from flu.

Community feedback from some of the initial communications around COVID were not as effective with local communities, so support with getting these messages right and to the right people is needed.

There is Calderdale data to show that Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and other Asian groups (Ethnicity Group 3 in the table below) have the lowest uptake.

What would you recommend to ensure a better reach into the community, whether this be improved / different communication tools, a different delivery model or something more innovative? Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group would be really grateful to hear your ideas or for you to bring forward community suggestions or approaches.

Please email robertgibson@nhs.net with your suggestions.

Ethnicity groupings based on 2001 census;

Group 1

  • British or mixed British
  • Irish
  • Other White or White unspecified
  • Other White background

Group 2

  • Mixed Black
  • Other Mixed background
  • White and Asian
  • White and Asian
  • White and Black African

Group 3

  • Bangladeshi or British Bangladeshi
  • Indian or British Indian
  • Other Asian background
  • Pakistani or British Pakistani

Group 4

  • North African
  • Caribbean
  • Other Black background

Group 5

  • Chinese
  • Other
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