Try Dry January and enjoy the many benefits of no alcohol!

Warning: Side effects may include better sleep, improved skin, loss of weight, saving money!

Start 2021 the best way possible and join in with the Dry January one-month alcohol-free challenge, or, challenge yourself to do 31 dry days starting from TODAY.  Alcohol is linked with more than 60 health conditions including liver disease, high blood pressure, depression and several cancers.  Cutting back on alcohol long-term reduces your risk of developing these conditions.

For the 31 days, why not swap alcoholic drinks for something softer and you’ll boost your wellbeing and energy levels, sleep better, lose weight and improve your skin.  It might also help you re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol for the future to help you lower your risk of ill-health.  For more information and support, simply visit: Dry January

Are you worried about someone’s drinking?

If you’re worried about someone’s drinking there are a number of ways you can seek advice. Adfam has a range of resources available for families on their website.

Alcohol services in Calderdale are still active and be accessed online or by calling Calderdale Recovery Steps on 01422 415550, or The Basement Project on 01422 383063.

Calderdale in Recovery (our local recovery community) also offer a confidential peer to peer support phone line on 07541021553 which is manned by volunteers in recovery from addiction. Volunteers are not trained professionals but have lived experience and will signpost to appropriate support.

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