Healthy Minds arts resources for young children 0-5 years

In aid of Children’s Mental Health Week this week, after your requests, Healthy Minds Calderdale have found the following images that would be good for young children.

These six wild animal themed colouring pages are aimed mostly at children from infancy to 5 years, but don’t let that stop you from having a go!


Download Colouring Set – for infancy to 5 years


There is a set of instruction as well, which is entirely optional. All you need is paper, some colours and letting your imagination run free!


Instructions for kids and adults – 6-12 years


Outline of instructions:

  • Use the ideas sheets to create your own drawings of animals, this is the start.
    Look at images of animals, colours and shapes and see what you can create,
    the design sheet shows some ideas.
  • By looking at design sketches, children can:
    • Learn new skills—design, colour and create
    • Find calm and take notice—colouring and creating is good for concentration
    • Make choices—Its their picture, they choose what to learn and what to re-create
  • The developmental milestones and achievements:
    • Distraction and lifting stress—learn a skill, look and copy, work in colour from reference
    • Develop a skill—Gain confidence from the marks and designs they create
    • New skills—Learning something new
    • Coping—colouring is very relaxing and aids concentration
    • Ownership—The last page is total creative freedom and the whole pack belongs to the child, with
    name on the front