Healthy Minds Workshops & Groups February 2021

Healthy Minds Calderdale are putting together a series of informative, helpful workshops, designed to assist during the challenging times we’re facing.

Their workshops happen over zoom and give the opportunity for all participants to get together and work through issues, finding ways of dealing with difficult situations and improving wellbeing.

There are social groups and art workshops too. You’re bound to find something of interest!


Making Connections Tuesday 9th February, 11.30-1.00pm

Staying connected with who we are and with others can be difficult in these uncertain
times, where we can lose touch with what we enjoy and what keeps us well. As well
as being a fun exercise, mind mapping can help us to figure out what’s important and
gain new understandings. No previous experience or a flare for creativity required,
just bring yourself, a pen and paper.

Media and Mental Wellbeing – Tuesday 16th February, 11-12.30pm

A space to discuss the impact media can have on us; from social media, watching
the news and reading newspapers. We will look at its limitations and the
positive/negative effects, with the chance to share and discuss self-care tips on how
we can develop a healthy relationship with media for better mental health.
Paper-based postal versions of all workshops are also available.
See below details on how to book or request a workshop.

Regular groups

Arts and Crafts for Wellbeing – 1st and 3rd, 6.00-7.30pm

A light hearted space for people to make some creative connections. Each session is
themed. Past activities have included mask making, Zentangling and origami.

Workshops, Courses & Groups February 2021

Outdoors-in – 1st and 3rd, 2.00 -3.30pm

Due to current restrictions (and the weather!), opportunities to enjoy the outdoors
with others is limited. In this group we will discuss outdoor topics, share our outdoor
experiences, photos and learnings about allotments and nature.

Anxiety and Depression Peer-Support groups, twice monthly (Call conferencing)

A peer-support telephone group for those who would like to access peer support but
prefer not to use Zoom (live video service). The groups are a safe and nonjudgmental space and offer structure, guidance and support for those experiencing
anxiety and depression.

Recovery group (CHIME) once every month

The group will explore key themes about recovery in mental health: Connectedness,
Hope and Optimism, Identity, Meaning in Life and Empowerment; exploring how
these themes relate to our personal recovery journey. Please note: this is a closed
group for people who have attended workshops, groups and courses with Healthy

To book or to access further details about any of workshops, courses or
groups please email:
Or call: 01422 345154
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