CREW Heart Support Group – Walk through Park Wood, Elland

This week’s CREW Heart Support Group Bulletin features a self guided 5 miles walk through Park Wood, Elland. The walk is marked as Grade 2+ or Grade 2++ and estimated to take 3 hours to complete.

We start our walk from Marsh Lane, Southowram, when you turn from Bank Top, there is on-road parking a few meters down the lane.

Cross the road at Bank Top and walk up along the footpath, cross over the junction of Battinson Street, until you reach a path on your right, marked Dog Kennel Lane. This will bring you onto a wide access track, with the children’s playground on your left. Continue along the track to meet Higgin Lane.

Turn right and walk down Higgin Lane, you will pass the TV booster mast, turn left at the bottom and walk past the derelict house. Continue straight forward, passing the farm buildings, you will see the path taking you along the fields in front of you.

When you pass the red brick tower, look at the front and a memorial to a Southowram ex-police officer. Once in the next field, keep the broken wall to your left and head to the far left-hand corner, where you will find a style onto a wide track. Turn left and follow the track, you will pass a quarry on your right and eventually the track will bring you onto Pinnar Lane.

Turn right and continue along Pinnar Lane to the junction with Cain Lane and Town Gate, turn right and continue along Town Gate to the junction with West Lane. Cross the road onto Ashday Lane, follow the lane down to the cricket ground. Take the path straight forward, passing the cricket ground to your left. The path will soon narrow as it becomes Binns Top Lane.

This path will bring you to Binns Wood, keep left and follow the old cart track down. The track will make a sharp left-hand turn, in front of you, you will see a yellow topped marker post, turn right here and follow the path into the woodland. This is Park Wood, Elland.

The path follows the wood, don’t take a path that drops you down but try to keep in a ‘straightish’ line! At one point there is a hill in front of you with many cycle paths, take the path around the left-hand side. There are some yellow topped marker posts to guide you along.

The path will eventually bring you onto a red brick road.

Route ‘A’ – grade 2++ – you will see another marker post on your right, taking you up into the woodland, this path will come out into a field, follow the path towards the cottages and farm buildings at Park Nook. Continue along the farm track, passing the various houses along the way, you will reach Change Lane / West Lane. Cross the road to meet with Siddal Top Lane opposite.

Route ‘B’ – grade 2+ – turn right and follow the red brick road until you reach a path on your left taking you down to cross over a stream. Go through the gap style into the field, diagonally right, the path heads towards a tree, go into the next field and keep left, you will reach a wide track, follow this track to meet with Park Lane / Change Lane. Turn right and follow the footpath until you reach Siddal Top Lane on your left.

Continue along Siddal Top Lane, at the top of Phoebe Lane, go straight forward onto Whitegate. You will see the row of houses to your right, take the stone path, which will bring you to the front of the houses and a wide rough road. Keep right and walk up this road, it will soon become a track. This is a steep track, so take your time. Near to the top, take the right-hand path, this will bring you to the bottom of Higgin Lane.

Walk back up Higgin Lane to the TV booster mast, turn left on the path, this will bring you to Trooper Lane, with Blaithroyd Lane straight forward. Turn right and walk-up Trooper Lane. Just before it levels off, on your right are some steps, these lead you onto Battinson Street. Continue along Battinson Street to meet Bank Top, with Marsh Lane to your left.


We would love you to try this walk and send us your photos so we can pop it in the newsletter.
It doesn’t have to be this walk, we would love to feature your scenic photos in the newsletters.


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