Second Hand September

“Oxfam’s annual “Secondhand September” to encourage people to buy only secondhand items for a month, seemed like an excellent opportunity to redecorate my daughters bedrooms whilst saving money and the environment.

While many people donate to charity, not as many purchase secondhand items, resulting in a significant amount of donated stock ending up in landfills.

My youngest daughter wanted a cottage look in pink and green – showcasing her surprisingly sophisticated taste at 7yrs!

On the other hand, my 10yr old daughter simply wanted to some purple accents in her room. I enjoy browsing through charity shops, but would I be able to find everything I needed?

To my delight, I managed to find the perfect shade of preloved pink emulsion and a lovely green gloss, both priced at £16 for 5 litres each, from Seagull in Leeds.

On our visit to the Revive tip shop in Brighouse, we found a treasure trove: three beautiful cushions, a wicker bin, a bedside table, and some artificial flowers – all for £8!

I found a gorgeous duvet set for free on a Facebook group and a canopy from eBay for £12 (originally £60 when new!). A complete transformation for just £ 20!

Remaining on high alert for anything purple-ish for bedroom no.2, I stumbled upon some baskets, a purple glass, a duvet set, a candle holder, and a dusky pink pure wool blanket. She absolutely adored them. The entire lot cost me a mere £9, leaving me even more thrilled than she was! The blanket alone was valued at £40!!

Through this experience, I’ve learned that when buying secondhand, I can buy much higher quality items than what I would typically purchase. I’ve saved a significant amount of money along the way, and getting out and about to new places has meant I’ve chatted with some lovely people. I’ve also seen opportunities to volunteer the charity shops which I thought could be a really nice way to make new friends!”

By Nicola W – Staying Well

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