Healthy Minds Workshops, Courses & Groups April to June 2021

Take a look at the April courses and regular workshops and groups from Healthy Minds Calderdale. For the present everything is run over zoom with joining instructions emailed before the sessions. Workshops, Courses and Groups April 2021   Allotment Workshops (various dates) In these workshops we will experience the wellbeing benefits of ‘green spaces’ and… Continue reading Healthy Minds Workshops, Courses & Groups April to June 2021


Tai Chi Tigers Breathe-Tap-Stretch free exercise routines for all!

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The instructors of Tai Chi Tigers are exceptionally well and busy making videos  freely, for people to help  overcome the isolation and loneliness during these Covid restrictions, to improve their health and wellbeing – mentally and physically, in their own homes, on their own or with a partner, children  or anyone else allowed.

They are free to everyone – take a look and try them for yourself and family here. Good idea? then please pass on and share them.

The series started as a 7-day Challenge but with such a brilliant response we felt it would benefit everyone by continuing.

So, creating a daily habit that you can fit into each and every day, at any time, we add a little more each week!

The series, Breathe – Tap – Stretch, is available on YouTube starting with this one.

We hope it will help as many people…

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World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2020

Saturday 10 October marks World Mental Health Day and the theme is suicide prevention. If there is one thing that you do over the weekend, please reach out to family and friends. Send that message or make a phone call and ask ‘how are you doing?’ and take the time to listen. Mental Health Foundation are… Continue reading World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2020


Alcohol consumption during COVID-19

COVID-19 has touched all our lives, increasing social isolation, boredom, anxiety and the stresses of caring and home schooling alongside the loss of familiar routines and structure to our days. This has led to many of us drinking more alcohol, more often.If you have been drinking more, then you are not alone, The Global Drug… Continue reading Alcohol consumption during COVID-19


‘Sometimes you just want a brew and a good chat!’

Lockdown was hard for lots of us but especially those people who were already isolated or lonely; those living alone without family. But Covid 19 also brought about new isolation as more people had to shield away from usual social activities, grandparents were separated from grandchildren and more people were working from home. Like many… Continue reading ‘Sometimes you just want a brew and a good chat!’