Sowerby Bridge Community Fund

Covering the Calderdale ward of Sowerby Bridge.

What is the fund for?

The fund is to prevent and tackle loneliness in Sowerby Bridge and we are specifically looking to fund the following:

  • General health and wellbeing which can be things like walking groups, diabetes support groups.
  • Increasing knowledge about activities in the area
  • Growth around volunteer support and volunteering involvement
  • Activities that engage men
  • Activities that increase community cohesion and increase participation from all communities e.g black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Where has the money come from?

The Sowerby Bridge Fund includes funding from Community Foundation for Calderdale. Read more about the fund here.

How much can I apply for?

We haven’t set a limit on what you can apply for but that’s not say it’s a bottomless pot!

If you’ve got an idea for something that meets our priorities for Sowerby Bridge, give us call to discuss. Even if we’re not able to fund all your project we might be able to help in other ways.

How to apply

Who decides?

Sowerby Bridge Steering Group members:
Farrakh Hafiz Staying Well
Rachel Swaby Staying Well
Janice Dawson Halifax Central Initiative
Bob Galtrey Friend of Crowood Park
Chris Harvey Memory Lane Cafe
June Harvey Memory Lane Cafe
Johanna Coldwell Tesco
Paul Mansley Local resident and volunteer
Shabir Hussain Bluebird Care
Sheila Jackson Reach Out Team
Margaret Butterworth Reach Out and St Patrick’s Church
Anne Bridges St Patrick’s Church




Phone: 01422 347392 / 07741 636242