“In Touch” providing activities and social opportunities for older people

A new online directory “In Touch” has been launched to help reconnect older people with their hobbies, social clubs and activity groups, before and after lockdown ends. Older people have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with lost opportunities for friendship and conversation, as their social clubs and activity groups closed. Local not-for-profit organisation… Continue reading “In Touch” providing activities and social opportunities for older people


Wellbeing & Me’: A Five Week Zoom Course starting March 11

What am I like when I am well? How does it feel and how do I maintain my wellbeing? Using parts of the hugely successful Wellness Recovery Action Plan as a positive and practical guide, Healthy Minds will share ideas and questions about who we are when we are well – and when we’re not… Continue reading Wellbeing & Me’: A Five Week Zoom Course starting March 11


VSI Alliance Update February 26, 2021

VSI Alliance News & Events Newsflash from the Voluntary Sector Infrastructure (VSI) Alliance team   VSI Alliance News & Events   Local News A budget for the recovery Preparing for a strong and sustainable recovery was the Council’s priority when setting the budget for 2021/22, agreed at Budget Council on Monday 22 February 2021. ESF Community Grants awards… Continue reading VSI Alliance Update February 26, 2021


Tai Chi Tigers Breathe-Tap-Stretch free exercise routines for all!

Halifax North & East Blog

The instructors of Tai Chi Tigers are exceptionally well and busy making videos  freely, for people to help  overcome the isolation and loneliness during these Covid restrictions, to improve their health and wellbeing – mentally and physically, in their own homes, on their own or with a partner, children  or anyone else allowed.

They are free to everyone – take a look and try them for yourself and family here. Good idea? then please pass on and share them.

The series started as a 7-day Challenge but with such a brilliant response we felt it would benefit everyone by continuing.

So, creating a daily habit that you can fit into each and every day, at any time, we add a little more each week!

The series, Breathe – Tap – Stretch, is available on YouTube starting with this one.

We hope it will help as many people…

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