“He has given me a lot of hope”

“He [Staying Well Worker] has given me a lot of hope. I didn’t know these things were there and now I feel I can go. As a younger client, what really pulled my morale up was being able to spend time with older people and feel useful. It gave an extra level of fulfillment.”

“It’s so lovely that you keep in touch”

Mindy wanted to get out more and take part in activities to keep her mind active; she enjoys sewing, knitting and baking. Mindy has vascular dementia and had already has a referral dealt with and concluded successfully.

However six months later Mindy’s daughter rang to refer her mother who had deteriorated quite significantly. When the Staying Well worker made an initial visit it was clear that the family were at breaking point and Mindy’s partner was struggling as well.

Connections were made with Alzheimer’s society and social clubs for Both Mindy’s mum and her partner. After some persuading Mindy has her care needs met in the morning by Social Care and has one day a week  day care too. She’s even started going to  social clubs with her son in law.

“It’s so lovely that you keep in touch, thanks”. Mindy’s daughter

‘I feel encouraged to broaden my days’

June was referred to the project by her GP. She is 89 and lives alone. Her health has deteriorated over the past months and she has stopped going out—becoming more isolated. Her GP reported she was often booking appointments unnecessarily. Through ongoing work and support June has become open minded to attending a local lunch club. June. The project will continue to work with her to establish a more varied social routine.



‘Its lovely what they have done here’

Dennis has dementia and was struggling to get out without the assistance of his wife. Working with  the Staying Well project we have linked Dennis to the transport services and groups funded by the project.

Dennis has enough support from this to attend independently. This has meant Dennis now has a more varied week and his wife has some time  to rest and look after herself.


‘I like walking—but when you go alone you don’t see anyone and its making me more lonely!’

Rose self referred into the project after seeing a Staying Well postcard in her local supermarket. Rose had recently lost her husband and was adjusting to living alone. Although Rose had the support of her family she felt the need to increase how often she went out independently—particularly to socialise.

Rose worked with the project to link in with local walking groups and social events—she is now feeling less isolated and more independent from her family.


‘You know lots of people keep saying I look better’

Tom self referred into the project after reading about a local volunteering opportunity in his local area.

Tom was recently bereaved, and struggling to adapt to the changes in his life- he felt lonely and isolated.

Although out of area he was linked to the Staying Well Hub to become a volunteer driver.
Tom has now gone from strength to strength -volunteering with several projects locally and across the Lower Valley. Tom is now better linked into his community- volunteering gives him a sense of purpose and occupation which has enabled him to process some of his grief.


“The classes have been brilliant”

They have done wonders for my mental and physical health. One thing that really struck home for me was the simple motto of Be Happy, Stay Happy. It’s true, your state of mind really does help you to manage your health!’


‘I think the project sounds so promising—we all need things to do’

Janet saw a newsletter for the Staying Well Project and got in touch as she was looking for more things to do since retiring and wondered how she could get involved.

Janet has signed up to the Staying Well Hub to help influence the project as well as being supported to access volunteering roles in the community. Janet enjoys being part of the Staying Well Hub and seeing how the project develops as well as attending hub events aimed at discussing issues like how to raise volunteers in the local community.


“I have something to look forward to”

Edna is 87 years old and had been discharged from hospital following a fall. She was referred to the project by her GP as she was feeling very low.

Staying Well linked Edna into activities at a local sheltered housing scheme. She now attends a weekly art class and has lunch there with other residents .

Edna says she feels much better now she is getting out and about a bit more and has something to look forward to in the week.



“Staying Well connects communities and builds lasting relationships”

George was awaiting a cataracts operation and had some concerns he may have to give up driving if his sight deteriorated any more. Although he was quite light-hearted and jokey these health problems and the looming loss of independence were getting him down.

Staying Well introduced George to a singing group, a lunch club and coffee morning run by a local church.

After his operation the group’s members began to get concerned that George had stopped attending. They asked the Staying Well worker to visit George and pass on their well wishes and concerns.

George was in good spirits though bored but unable to drive until he received new glasses. He returned to the group 3 weeks later.