Covering the Calderdale wards of Illingworth & Mixenden, and Ovenden.

What is the fund for?

The fund is to prevent and tackle loneliness and in North Halifax we are particularly looking to fund the following

  • Activities that support people with dementia
  • Activities that target men
  • Interventions to sustain existing activities
  • Activities to support volunteers and increase volunteering
  • Opportunities for networking and the promotion of health and wellbeing information in the community

Where has the money come from?

The North Halifax Fund includes funding from Community Foundation for Calderdale and Staying Well. Read more about the fund here.

How much can I apply for?

We haven’t set a limit on what you can apply for but that’s not say it’s a bottomless pot!

If you’ve got an idea for something that meets our priorities for North Halifax, give us call to discuss. Even if we’re not able to fund all your project we might be able to help in other ways.

How to apply

Who decides?

North Halifax Steering Group
Hayley Conlon Staying Well North
Peter Robinson North Halifax Partnership Board Director
Anne Lees Illingworth and Bradshaw Local Activity Group and resident
Helen Enevoldson Staying Well North
Irene Mulhall Illingworth and Bradshaw Local Activity Group and resident
Paula Posser Illingworth Moor/Mount Zion and resident
Karen Scanlon Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative
Neil Myers Halifax Rugby Union Club and resident
Grayham Smith Men Utd and Halifax Rugby Union Club
Sharon Lawrence Bus Oasis and resident
David Llewellyn Phoenix Shed and resident
Edward Moss Phoenix Shed and North Halifax Partnership
Cllr Anne Collins Ovenden Ward Councillor
Gillian Tolley Resident
Andy Greenwood West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Dani Worthington Moorside Community Primary School
Lisa Okonkwo St George Community Trust and resident
Bev Quinn Resident




Phone: 07912 891057

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