Good Day (in the) Sunshine !

The sun shined bright on Beechwood Park last Saturday and it certainly didn’t leave out Staying Well!

From children making sandcastles on the beach to the the Beechwood Bowlers, the range of activities at the Beechwood Big Picnic just showed the wealth of things that the local communities in North Halifax have to offer for both young and old.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main arena the Staying Well tent offered a place of calm during the busy day with a jigsaw area and space for a quiet chat with Staying Well workers whilst trying to find the corner pieces!

A number of families approached asking how to keep both grandad, dad and son entertained! On hand were Phoenix Shed, the local Men in Sheds group that run from the Threeways Centre.  The guys were showcasing some of the projects they have been involved in during the last 18 months. In between taking orders for ‘grand-made’ garden ornaments, walking sticks and animal feeders they signed up a few new members to join them in the Shed too!

Ovenden Camp 001.jpgBeechwood Road History Group brought an array of old photographs of the Ovenden and Halifax area in the days gone by and reminiscing with the group was a highlight for many people who have watched the area grow and change over the years.

St George’s Community Trust glitter tattoos were very popular and while people waited there was opportunity to about nutrition, being active and mental health.

North Halifax Partnership board members talked to people about volunteering opportunities and the support available from the services they manage including Staying Well, Sure Start Children’s Centres and the OVenden and Mixenden

Back outside in the sunshine you may have felt you were in New York’s Central Park as to the right David Crabtree ran hourly taster sessions of Tai Chi and to the left a friendly game of Walking Football took place.



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