Food for Life Get Togethers Emergency COVID-19 Small Grants Application April 28







Food for Life Get Togethers bring people of all ages and from different backgrounds together through growing, cooking and connecting with good food, with the support of the National Lottery Community Fund.

As part of our small grants offer, we have some emergency funding available to assist with community led responses centered around food and growing initiatives to spend within the next 3 months.


For further details and to see if you’re eligible to apply View the Grant Application Form


Funding available for:

  • Initiatives responding to localised food poverty and food insecurity (e.g. community led food aid, food supplies and distribution).
  • Initiatives that remotely connect people and groups through good food cooking, growing or connections.
  • Equipment costs for community led responses (e.g. digital support, packaging, refrigeration cooking, PPE).
  • Transport costs, e.g. of food supplies, petrol, volunteer costs.
  • Initiatives responding to reducing experience of social isolation and loneliness through good food-based activity (e.g. digital equipment and training, virtual activities, a chance to chat on a doorstep).
  • Growing food, initiatives that respond to community needs to cook, grow and connect through good food, (e.g. doorstep food deliveries or community collection of seed & soil to grow, digital growing support).




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