West Yorkshire Trading Standards Newsletter Scam Alert 01.05.2020

This weekly alert outlines trending fraud patterns during the current COVID-19 pandemic and what we can do to stay protected.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards News Alert issue 5 01.05.2020

Outline of trending scams:

  1. Fraudulent emails to organisation claiming to be from the World Health Organisation offering money from the relief fund
  2. Fake Amazon Prime emails claiming free trial is over and money will be deducted from account
  3. Phishing emails claiming to sell test kits and face masks.

Please note: At present there is NO vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

Last week, (20/04/2020 – 26/04/2020) WYTS had 65 COVID-19 complaints and queries. A further 22 intelligence reports were submitted through our intelligence database relating to COVID-19 during this time period.

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Always remember:

  • If you feel pressured, ask them to leave.
  • Friends and family are best to ask.
  • Don’t make any snap decisions.
  • Do the checks and use a number you have found yourself, not the one the visitor provides.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe

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