Covid-19 guidance for extremely vulnerable translated in other languages.

You can find guidance on shielding and protecting those defined as extremely vulnerable on medical grounds from COVID-19 on the Gov.uk website.

This advice is currently provided translated in some foreign languages  (Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Urdu, Welsh).

The direct link is here:


This guidance is for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable, including children. It’s also for their family, friends and carers.

People who are clinically extremely vulnerable should have received a letter telling them they’re in this group or been told by their GP.

It’s for situations where a clinically extremely vulnerable person is living at home, with or without additional support. This includes clinically extremely vulnerable people living in long-term care facilities for the elderly or people with special needs.

If you have been told that you’re clinically extremely vulnerable, you should:

  • follow the advice in this guidance
  • register online even if you do not need additional support now

The translated versions of the guidance were accurate as of 30 March 2020. Following recent changes to this guidance, the translations are currently being updated and will be published shortly.