Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

There is a wealth of resources and events taking place at https://www.childrensmentalhealthweek.org.uk/ this week and always.

Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021.This year’s theme is Express Yourself. All of our free resources can be adapted for use in school, for home-schooling, online lessons or independent learning.. Please add the dates to your calendar and sign up for email alerts for the latest Children’s Mental Health Week news.


There are also some activity sheets that you can download from the website that may be interesting:


Keep an eye on the website as we will add to it when we find activities.

There are also some great downloads on the Place2Be in the Parents and Schools sections:


We Be Kids bank of activities, stores and mindfulness and yoga sessions are available and free at www.webekids.net.