Staying Well would like to thank all of our volunteers

Some people took up a new hobby during the COVID lockdowns…..some started running and many people developed a green finger or two but at Staying Well our new thing of 2020/21 was volunteers!!

Staying Well have always worked alongside the volunteers in all communities in Calderdale – linking in with the great groups and awesome activities they make happen – yet recruiting and managing our own volunteers was something new to us.

Working with CMBC, Staying Well have harnessed the overwhelming response of people to want to respond to COVID and help those people who became even more vulnerable in the last year. Turning the power of good deeds, selflessness and kindness into something to help improve peoples lives couldn’t have been done without those people across Calderdale who want to give up their time and energy to help other. This volunteers week we want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the Staying Well volunteers working alongside us and our clients. We couldn’t make a difference without you!

Staying Well recruit volunteers to be Telephone Befrienders – giving up an hour or so of their time each week to make a friendly call to someone, have a chat and brighten their day. This year has seen loneliness become more of an issue than ever and although one phone call a week may seem like a drop in the ocean it really can make all the difference.

Our clients and volunteers comment on how the relationships we help them build make such a difference to their lives. We have seen relationships blossom into true friendships. Just having someone on the end of a phone who is there to listen, give you their time, and care makes people feel happier and healthier.

If you are interested in volunteering with Staying Well all you need is a smile, a telephone and the love of good conversation! Get in touch on 01422 392767 or drop us an email at stayingwellproject@calderdale.gov.uk. We will invite you along to an online Info Session to say a friendly hello and take you through the ins and outs of coming on board.