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Take a look at this range of projects using the arts to support good mental health and well-being in Calderdale




Please have a look at some of our current project work focussed on supporting good mental health and well-being:

The GRIEF project – a series of intimate online support sessions for people affected by grief during #lockdown. This means people from all our communities: family members, health / emergency workers and carers, those who may be deeply fearful or anxious. The sessions incorporate the sharing of experiences alongside creative work including art, writing and poetry with counsellor Gill Brooks.

As well as working with Gill, we are commissioning two artists, Sameena Hussain and Sharon Marsden, to create their own responses to the theme, with a view to developing a community conversation that cuts through the statistics to tell the stories of life, love and loss at the heart of the Covid-19 lockdown.

We also plan to develop an interactive event at the historic Piece Hall in Halifax in the spring ‘21 with the Leeds-based Grief Series. You can catch up with Gill’s work here:

The Grief Project

FIBRE – is a new long term investigation by verd de gris arts into notions of connectivity. Weaving together threads of creativity (both physically and virtually) with award-winning sound artist and composer Nina Perry (BBC Radio 3 & 4), poet Katie Atkinson and the women from our One Voice group we will explore the importance of connectivity + social connection on our collective well-being.

#realtimetalk – Verd de gris and award-winning filmmaker Geoff Brokate are working with young people from across Calderdale to explore + showcase their feelings around positivity, opportunity + what well-being means to them – an important addition to the debate around lockdown and mental health.


HERE I AM – these free online creative sessions open to anyone and everyone – deeply enriching and calming they draw on 20 years of therapeutic sessional work in communities across the north of England.

WHAT REMAINS – an ongoing programme of online creative sessions / peer support group work with local people affected by suicide loss. This project began in Calderdale and has included screenings and presentations to a range of client groups inc. to over 400+ delegates from around the world at the International Suicide Bereavement Conference in Manchester in 2019. The project is now being extended to central Lancashire – you can view the powerful new film trailer here:

WORKING WELL? – take a look at the film we created recently to explore issues around mental health in the workplace. Commissioned by Dir of Public Health in Calderdale we are keen to stress the importance of ‘lived experience’ in advocacy and support in mental health services:

Working Well?

There is also lots of other amazing work on the website, exploring issues ranging from women’s rights and wellbeing, to emotional resilience in schools.

If you want to find out more about any of these current projects please get in touch:

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many thanks to all of you for your loyal and passionate support over the last 15 years.

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